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4 piece 1.85 oz. Proof Platinum American Eagle Set
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4 piece 1.85 oz. Proof Platinum American Eagle Set
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Volume discounts available, please call for details (888) 502-3222
4 piece 1.85 oz. Proof Platinum American Eagle Set

From 1936 the US mint started minting coin proof sets. They started with nickel, then shifted to silver and gold, and slowly today they allowed minting of platinum proof coins. Most individuals acquire Platinum metals or bullion products for investment purposes. American Platinum Coin Proof Sets are a great way to protect and grow your wealth.

American Platinum Coin Proof Set is usually minted in limited quantity. It requires higher production cost due to extra efforts, labor and fine quality. Price of these coins are higher than all the other single coins. Many users buy a single coin to collect a set of those coins. They are sold by the US mint directly or through their authorized dealers. Due to heavy demand, this set is not always readily available. If you would like to purchase this set, please give us a call (888) 502-3222 and we can assist you with making your acquisition.