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What is a Proof coin?

Proof coins, gold, silver and platinum, are struck in a unique and time consuming manner in very limited quantities. Each coin is hand fed into the mintage presses, just a handful coins at a time by a proof specialist. The initial blanks, then coins are never touched by human hands to prevent any flaws or smudges. Rather than being stamped just once, each Proof coin is stamped multiple times creating the high-gloss, mirror-like finish that is the hallmark of Proof coins. Each coin is encapsulated in plastic and sold in a velvet box with a certificate of authenticity from the U.S Mint. All Proof Gold coins are minted .9999 pure and Silver coins, .999 Fine, pure.

Is Proof Metals the best choice for my retirement account?

Proof Gold American Eagles, Proof Platinum American Eagles, and Proof Silver American Eagles can provide diversification for our clients with the best of both worlds -- Both in its intrinsic value and limited supply as well as for the bullion qualities of weight value. Proof values tend to trade on more of a “supply vs. demand” market, as well as being valued based on its mintage, rarity, and current market conditions. Proof metals can offer you the guaranteed protection of never being worth less than their weight values.

What is “legacy value”?

Legacy value refers to an ancient tradition, passed down from generation to generation, particularly from old world Europe, where children and grandchildren received valuable coins as gifts. The thought was that the coins would become more valuable over time and the recipient would always remember the grantor with fond memories. Today is no exception. Perhaps more than ever, our children deserve the safety and stability that legacy gifts of Gold, Silver and Platinum can provide.

If I want to rollover my current IRA/401(k) into a Precious Metals Backed IRA, how does United Gold Direct help me?
Rolling over your current IRA/401(k) into a gold, platinum, or silver-backed IRA is easy. Rollovers can be “full” or “partial” provided the $5,000 minimum is achieved. Qualified rollovers are tax and penalty free*. United Gold Direct does 95% of the work and helps you select a qualified custodian to administer the account. Just like your existing IRA, you can select to receive quarterly statements and your metals are stored for you pursuant to IRS Regulations, at the Delaware Depository.

What is a Proof coin certificate?

The U.S. Mint packages each Proof coin with a Certificate of Authenticity from the U.S Mint. The COA provides the buyer with the assurance that each coin is genuine. Unlike bullion coins, the actual coins are sealed in a plastic case and are not readily available for chemical testing. The coins are presented in a velvet hinged case for viewing. The certificate enclosed with each coin provides each buyer with authenticity assurance backed by the full faith of the U.S. Government.

How do Proof coins perform?

Priced nominally higher than bullion, Proof coins offer other advantages; both intrinsically and with greater growth & profit potential. Proof coins have typically out-performed bullion coins in terms of price valuation. Due to their scarcity and popularity for IRA and other retirement accounts, Proof coins tend to be the coin of choice for the discriminating buyer/investor.

*Consult your tax advisor for IRS rollover requirement to avoid taxation and penalties.

What is the expected delivery method?

All orders are sent out via registered and insured mail. A signature guarantee will be required upon delivery. Additional delivery methods may be available upon request.

How many days does it take to receive my order?

Orders are generally shipped out between 4-10 business days upon receipt of good funds. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when the order has been shipped.

How will my order be packaged?

Each order is packaged uniquely to ensure the contents in the box are fully secure. The package will come in an unmarked box for consumer privacy.

What are my payment options?

Bank Wire/Cashiers Check/Credit Card. Personal checks are acceptable up to $10,000.00.