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"Proof American" is a division of United Gold Direct and is devoted exclusively to one of the world’s finest and most sought after precious metals. Proof American Eagle Coins. We are a group of highly skilled, specialized asset managers, who help our client’s, build fully diversified asset portfolios consisting of physical precious metals, including the rare and much sought-after, Proof American Eagle coins. With over 27 years of diversified fulfillment experience, our asset specialists provide the finest customer service combined with our reputation for “rock-bottom” pricing, each and every day.

United Gold Direct is the "direct source" for Proof American Eagle coins, gold, silver and platinum. Our numismatists select daily, the very finest coins available for inclusion into your portfolio, carefully inspecting each and every coin for; certification, quality and presentation. Discriminating buyers acquire Proof assets. It is the very reason why our staff focuses on the highest quality metals ever struck by U.S. Mints.

Whether you're seeking to back your retirement accounts with precious metals or you simply want to acquire among the rarest, most desired U.S. coins, our Proof specialists are standing by to help through the simple process. Gold and Silver, has crushed all competitive alternative asset-investment opportunities over the last decade and Proof coins have proven themselves as among the most desirable within the precious metals category.

Consider Proof American Eagle coins as a way of creating a memorable legacy for your children and grandchildren. No finer asset exists, to pass down -- than an asset that keeps appreciating in value year after year and always stays in pristine condition. First minted in 1986, specific mintage dates can be requested based upon availability.*

United Gold Direct offers a large variety of precious metals products to meet your every need. Our specialists have a wide-ranging selection including; bullion coins & bars, private pre-1933 coins as well as the popular foreign coins, in strong demand around the world. We make a market for both “buy” and “sell” in all product lines we represent. Our specialists are available via telephone Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST at (888) 502-3222. Better yet, just order on-line at**

*Specific mintage dates may have a premium associated due to scarcity and availability.

**Retirement accounts backed by precious metals must be ordered by a UGD Representative on the telephone. Retirement account orders cannot be fulfilled on-line due to IRS and U.S. Patriot Act rules & regulations.